The Number 1 Food Toxic Food To Avoid

There are all kinds of toxic food additives, chemicals, and pollutants in our environment that can damage our bodies, Causing pockets of inflammation, joint damage, and poor overall health.

However many people aren’t aware of one of the most common, yet most dangerous food that we often take in on a day-to-day basis.

That is vegetable oil. Vegetable oils like cottonseed, canola, corn, soy, safflower and processed olive oil can all cause massive amounts of damage to your liver and gut.

These oils are cheapy made from processed grains, and actually have no relationship to vegetables at all. These low-quality oils are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which are pro-inflammatory.

This means that they cause swelling and inflammation in your body when you consume them. Not only that Vegetable oils are often used to cook foods in restaurants, fast food outlets, takeout, and almost all commercial food that you can imagine.

It’s hidden on the labels of ready-microwavable meals, it’s added to frozen foods, and it’s hidden in salad dressings. In fact, one of the worst types of vegetable oil is found in easy-spread margarine.

Damaging Effects Of Vegetable Oils Not all of the damage comes from omega 6 however, Vegetable oils are usually made from grains and seeds that have been sprayed with chemical pesticides and insecticides.

These chemicals are absorbed into the grain and the oils. We call these ‘endocrine disruptors because they cause major hormone imbalances in the body as they damage the liver.

These can also cause autoimmune conditions, arthritis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, and any condition that ends with ‘itis’.

Liver Problems

Your liver is the largest organ in your body and is constantly working to remove toxins and chemicals from your blood. However, if you keep eating vegetable oil-rich foods every day, it becomes inflamed and is unable to work properly.

This can cause fatty liver disease, weight gain, obesity, arthritis, heart attacks, strokes, and many more problems.

Cleaning Up

Now that you are aware of the toxic effect of vegetable oils, let’s explore how you can clean up existing damage and help lower inflammation in your body.

1- Cut out all pro-inflammatory oils, and switch to anti-inflammatory alternatives. Start cooking with extra virgin olive oil, raw unprocessed coconut oil, and cold-pressed avocado oil.

2- Eat anti-inflammatory fats such as omega-3s found in oily fish, salmon, sardines, shellfish, sea vegetables, and algae.

This naturally balances out the negative effects of omega 6 in your body, by reducing inflammation and improving the function of your liver.

3- Cook your own foods, avoid processed meals and read the labels. Salad dressings contain copious amounts of junk vegetable oils, so be very careful to read your labels.

4- Take concentrated bile salts each day to help your liver create more bile. The liquid that breaks down fats and toxins into harmless particles in order to lower inflammation.

5- Eat lots of raw cabbage or sauerkraut. This lowers inflammation in the gut and helps to overcome inflammatory conditions like IBS, IBD, or diverticulitis.


Although it’s often impossible to eliminate all of the toxins that we take in day to day, taking steps to limit your intake can really make a huge difference to your overall health.

We must continue to educate ourselves and change habits slowly but surely. Good health is a marathon, not a sprint, and should be worked on patiently and slowly every day.

Cutting out junk foods, and adding in more whole nutritious foods is the best way to restore your body and stay healthy throughout life. So cut out the vegetable oils as much as you possibly can, and get more omega 3-s to counteract the damage.

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