Oregano Oil For Lung Health (Clearing Mucus & Viruses)

Many people suffer from a build-up of mucus or phlegm in the lungs, triggering painful coughing and irritation.

This is often caused by viruses, pathogens, smoking, allergies, or lung diseases. Fortunately, there are many powerful natural remedies that can be used to clear mucus from the lungs. It is one of the most powerful.

Lung Health

The lungs are extremely important when it comes to supporting a healthy body, As they allow us to breathe in air and pass oxygen into the blood.

The problem is that the lungs are one of the first lines of defense against colds, flu infections, viruses, and pathogens.

In response to these harmful elements, mucus is released to help protect the lungs. However, too much mucus causes chest congestion, and difficulty breathing and prevents the normal amounts of oxygen from entering your blood.

Oregano Oil Benefits

That’s where oregano oil comes in – as previously mentioned. Wild oregano oil is one of the most powerful and healing remedies to clear mucus from the lungs,

And also protect them against the harmful effects of viruses, bacteria, and pollutants in the air. Oregano oil is made from concentrated oregano leaves, a herbal plant native to the Mediterranean.

This concentrated oil was used by the Ancient Greeks and is still used today to help boost the immune system against infections.

It contains an active ingredient called carvacrol which has been shown to treat coughing and help the body eliminate viruses and pathogens.

It acts as an expectorant helping to ease a cough and reduce the secretion of mucus. In addition, studies show that the Rosmarinic acid found in oregano oil can help prevent asthma and allergic reactions to pollen, dust, chemicals, fungus, and bacteria by acting as a natural antihistamine.

How To Use Oregano Oil?

There are two important ways that you can use it for your lungs. The first method is to swallow 1-3 capsules of wild oregano oil (oil of oregano) for a course of 10 days.

This helps to treat the lungs internally by stimulating the immune system. The second method is to place a few drops of oregano oil in an oil burner or diffuser.

Natural aromatic compounds like thymol and carvacrol are released into the air and inhaled through the lungs.

This helps to loosen mucus and clear phlegm for easier breathing. This will have a soothing effect on the throat, nose, nasal passages, and airways.

If you prefer you can place a few drops into a bowl of boiling water, and gently inhale the steam with a towel over your head.

This also calms the airways. Be careful not to burn your skin in the boiling water.

Use both the internal method and external methods to rapidly speed up the healing of the lungs.

Try to find ‘wild oregano’ oil for the most benefits.

Other Health Benefits Oregano Oil also has many other health benefits, some examples include.

  1. Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Infections
  2. Reducing Acne
  3. Treating Ear Infections
  4. Reducing Allergies
  5. Household Cleaner (to disinfect surfaces)
  6. Clear Bladder Infections
  7. Treat Chronic Sinusitis
  8. Treat Fungal Toenail
  9. Relieve Arthritis Pain
  10. Moisturise Scalp (for dry irritated scalp).

Amongst many others.