Benfotiamine: For Nerve Repair & Diabetes

A lot of people suffer from neuropathy. an injury to the nerve that is common among people with diabetes.

Foods that are deemed junk, some drugs, and treatments for cancer can also cause nerve damage.

One of the most effective methods to repair nerves is to use benfotiamine.

The nerves that are part of your body transmit electronic signals that come from the spinal cord and brain through your nervous system.

These signals regulate all of your bodily functions like your heart rate, metabolism body temperature, muscles, etc.

Unfortunately, the nerves that are affected are susceptible to medication, stress processed foods, sugars, processed food, and vegetable oils that are prone to damage.

The causes of flare-ups include that cause a flare-up, for example, burning or stabbing pains on the feet, or ringing inside the ear.

Benfotiamine, as mentioned previously, is an excellent ingredient that is often utilized to aid in the repair of injured neuropathy and nerves.

It’s an improved version that Vitamin B1, which can penetrate into nerve tissue to aid the tissue healing from injury.

It’s among the top reviewed supplements for those with diabetes, as it assists in protecting the nerves, brains, eyes, kidneys, and heart vessels from damage that results from high blood sugars.

Contrary to the standard B1 (thiamine) benfotiamine is three times more readily taken up in the human body.

It travels into the energy-producing cells known as mitochondria, assisting to heal them and producing more energy.

Cell walls are able to renew and maintain an electrical gradient that is normal within your nerves.

Alongside taking Benfotiamine, you could also contemplate a diet rich in B vitamins, including Beef liver, as well as pork, seafood, and sunflower seeds.

These food items are with Vitamin B1 (thiamine) The water-soluble form of benfotiamine. Regular consumption of these foods can not only help maintain an overall healthy nervous system it can also decrease stress, anxiety neuropathy, and chronic pain.

Research suggests that 70 percent of patients with diabetes experience significant improvement when they take benfotiamine. However, this supplement is beneficial for any person suffering from nerve disorders.

Benfotiamine as well as Vitamin B1 are also known for their many other health benefits too Some examples are.

  • Reducing Stress levels
  • Controlling Blood Sugars
  • Tinnitus A Ringing in The Ear
  • Enhancing Energy Levels
  • Improving Concentration And Memory
  • Eyesight Protection
  • Improve Kidney Function
  • Reversing Alcoholism
  • Protecting Arteries
  • Reducing Inflammation

There are many more.