10 Signs That Your Kidneys Aren’t Working Properly

The body receives and processes endless bits of information every day, both from within the body and outside of the body. Each of the senses gathers new information constantly, and your mind makes you aware of any changes and things to focus on.

When so many bits of information are being processed, it can be difficult to fully register and address each one. For this reason, much is kept in the subconscious, with only the most important facts being provided to the conscious mind. This can lead to small warning signs being missed, and where the kidney functioning is concerned this can be a dangerous situation.

Kidney failure can occur when the kidney is no longer able to filter the blood as well, and it can cause several symptoms. The effects of lower kidney function include sleep disturbance, headaches and exhaustion, dry skin, changes to taste, difficulty breathing, swelling in the extremities and eyes, back pain, and high blood pressure.

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