lightening up.

add it up.

miscellany. unread books. clothing still with tags. new shoes. uncarried bags. unwrapped potions.

since jan 01 2011, I have happily departed with:

  • 81 pieces of assorted miscellany… (toys, decor, what have you)
  • 106 items of clothing… (dresses, skirts, tops)
  • 129 CDs… (now existing digitally)
  • 72 DVDs/Games… (rarely watched or played)
  • 94 pairs of shoes/purses (astounded at this figure)
  • 88 various makeup/skincare/fragrance (what was I stocking up for?)
via ebay…
i sit dreamily, imagining a hoard of items gone (and even more waiting to be purged) and I wonder…
i (you/me/we) have so actual need in this world.
and, as in limbo, “how low can I go?”
i laugh, happy.

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