crick in neck, silvery blue sky now.

I am in love with being no one and nothing other than that which is at my core.

It is respite.

It is glorious, actually.

To not feel the tug and pull of thousands of souls preying on me daily.

Waiting. Chattering.

The constant chattering of electrons colliding over the spiderweb interwoven with the absence of nicety and common sense.

To be without the conundrum of constantly pulling forces in all directions is clarity and purity in tandem.

In life shattered by misconception and misunderstanding, alone I can be true to my own existence and simply sit and analyze the call of birds through the morning hours.

The owl screeching, the coming of the crows.

Time flies quickly no matter how you breathe it in.

What is time?

To live without the finite confines of hours, minutes and seconds. To live based on the rhythm of the rising and setting of the sun and the moon. To sleep when you tire, to move when you feel stirred.

To just BE.


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